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HTC Engineers to bring Gingerbread on to HTC Desire

Two days ago HTC published on its web page that it will not be pushing the latest gingerbread update to the HTC Desire. But following a spate of negative opinions on the news release, the story has changed a full 180 degrees.
HTC Desire will be getting the Android Gingerbread after all although just 24 hours ago [...]

Google Chromebooks Review, Launch and Afterthoughts

If people say that Google today is a market share leader then they have seen nothing. Back in 2007 Google was the proverbial giant with shares rising as high as $700 for each.  But with the glory days over Google lost a lot of market share, $40 billion in expenses and hence decreased in popularity.
Today, [...]

Android Sales vs. iPhone Sales in 2011

Android is fast becoming the leader in a race of the giants of the smartphone and consumer tech markets. So how well did the top dogs fare?

Research agency Canalys has published its findings on the smartphone bullfight of 2011 where sales for the first quarter of 2011 were forecasted and from the whole [...]

Droid Charge atop the Droid Verizon Family

There are many Android Smartphones out there that it is hard to keep track of them much less to pick the best of the bargain for your use. As Verizon rates itself high with the Smartphone market for its 4G LTE network and recently the iPhone 4 as well, then we can look at Verizon’s [...]

Top Gadgets to Look Forward to in 2011

Expectations are high and we just cannot hold longer to know what is next. Only last year, some of the latest hit devices made the market and yet still, there are more down the pipe. It’s a fast age people and we are keeping up. Do note, however, this list deals only with the tablets, [...]

Hot New Stuff: Apple iTV Review

As 2010 expands into 2011, we look back into the roads of history of this year, which was a notable one in the businesses, activities and achievements of Apple. With this decade gone to rest in the directories of history, Apple, however, won’t go into rest and we can hardly wait for iPhone 2011, iPad [...]

Apple iDevice Apps and Accessibility– the Evolution

Apple is one of the several oldest technological companies that are currently dominating on the globe. A timeline dating back to the late 70’s, speaks of the simple ventures that today lead Apple to soar over horizons unbeknownst back then. Apple’s products range from hard drives, processors and printers to iDevices as impressive and complicated [...]

Upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad will be 4G Enabled: Verizon

Verizon has announced on Wednesday that it expects this year to be for the launch of its next speedier. It will be the latest generation LTE enabled mobile wireless internet service in 38 cities across the US providing Highest-Speed access to 110 million users. This faster LTE technology would be immensely conductive to the [...]

Smartphone Wars: HTC Incredible vs. iPhone 4

With Apple’s latest Smartphone; the new iPhone released a couple of months ago, we had the prizefighters’ face-off in the Android vs. iPhone rounds and couldn’t help wondering how the iPhone would fare against the top contenders. Incredibly, the iPhone packs quite a punch and surpassed the Droid Incredible in many fields through iPhone vs. [...]

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