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How to Sync Google Calendar with iPhone OS 2.2 and higher

Google Sync Beta was announced sometime last year and it allowed iPhone users to sync their Google mail accounts, contacts and calendar events over the air on to their iPhones. Before you read the following manual as to how to push your needed data across onto the iPhone you must backup all your contacts and [...]

How to Save your iPhone’s Battery Life

Smartphones are a common item in today’s list of survival, entertainment and utility devices. But since they live off a charged and temporarily available source of power, it becomes more imperative to conserve the battery time. The iPhone is a big market hit and smartphone beauty in the mobile tech market. Saving the [...]

How To Enable Push Notifications on iPhone

Push notifications is the tool created by certain iPhone apps updating users when actions occur in certain apps. In order to activate this tool simply follow the following steps.
First of all there one must have an app that supports push notfications.
Tap “Settings” button
Then in “Settings”, there will be a “Notifications” menu will by the top [...]

How to Delete iPhone Messages

Text message stake up more space than you can think and it is a real pain to scroll trough endless hoards of useless messages in order to get to the useful ones. So if you wish to delete your iPhone messages. Once deleted, there is no way of getting the message back.  There are two [...]

How to Save Disk Space on Your iPhone

On gadgets like the iPhone where disk space is allocated and not expandable it becomes an issue when the disk space runs out and you have nowhere to run. After you have stored your music, multimedia, videos, phone contacts, and apps you find there is no more for anything entertaining on the iPhone. These are [...]

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