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Video calling on Apple’s iPad2 with Skype

After the successful launch of Ipad 1 Apple introduced it’s another upgraded version under the name Ipad 2. This amazing gadget by apple has some unique specifications which are advanced and more users friendly. Such as: 1GHz dual-core A5 CPU, 512MB RAM, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB storage options, Front & Rear Cameras, front is VGA, rear [...]

Apple iCloud Sued by iCloud Communications

Apple is looking down the barrel of yet another lawsuit. As if Apple has not got enough of those lying around in its closet and on e already underway at the present. Apple is facing a trademark dispute over a recently revealed product.
The Arizona-based company iCloud Communications sued Apple last Thursday for copying its name [...]

Reviewing Apple iTunes 10.3 and the Cloud

Last yesterday’s WWDC event heralded the release of iTunes 10.3 that is compatible with two more software that marked the day; iCloud and iOS 5; Apple latest app store. It has initial support for iCloud features.

This new iTunes will become an alternative for MobileMe. For the time being iCloud is not ready for release but [...]

Joining Dots – Kids Learn Through iDevice technology

Joining dots is and was and always will be a kid’s premium idea of good clean fun. It was first applicable on paper. But it was not long since this feature became upgraded, portable and endless with no risk of finishing up books of joining dots. And this is exactly what Zanura did. With [...]

A English beginners Game – Kids AtoZ App

An app that brings together games and learning for kids is Kids AtoZ where kids can utilize a digital and portable picture dictionary.

An application for kids on your iPhone can do much to make their little heads busy and learning in the meantime. It is a big hurdle for parents when IQ levels [...]

Zanura’s Vintage Black & White Camera App

The iPhone sports a very cool camera and though it among the best there are. But it is not complete. Yes that’s right it does not sport any Black and White camera which many users would long for its effects and vintage style in family photos and memorable scenes. Even a nice little horror shoot! [...]

Explore Amazing Wonders of the World with eWonders!

If you think you know that there are only seven wonders of this planet earth, you are already way down on your IQ. Bringing headway in iOS 4.0 update of technology we offer you eWonders application. eWonders is an iPhone application that allows browsing through a large list of the most exquisite masterpieces in this [...]

iLove Jokes; The Best Love Jokes App For iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad Now On iTunes Store

Are you looking for the best love jokes you can find? Your search ends here with iLove Jokes Lite – The ultimate love romance joke application, bringing you the best love jokes you’ve never heard before. Try it out for free and have a good laugh at our love jokes.A
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Apple iPad May Help Media Executives A Money Making Opportunity

Apple iPad is a hot topic as it’s expected to be a boom in industry with its exciting features, and so there’re rumors and expert opinions. Money making aspect is very important factor of each new digital product, and so is the case for iPad.
Besides developers, media executives and content sellers are the people who [...]

iCab UK Now Available on iTunes Store

You may have hard time to call a taxi if you’re in UK for the first time, and the most difficult thing is to call a cab when you don’t know the locations and so you pay lot more than normal fair. iCab UK is your perfect solution for finding best taxi services round UK [...]

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