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Some Shortcomings of the Google Chromebook

I am not one single bit anti-Google but despite being impressed with what Google delivered in its Samsung and Acer Chromebooks for business and a pure internet browser OS, I can’t help noticing that there are some weak links in the otherwise superb framework.
Businesses need to be aware of these loopholes before the devices [...]

FTC Gives Microsoft Green Light to Buy Skype

Microsoft is clear to purchase Skype, at least from U.S. department of justice’s point of view. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has approved of the DOJ’s action last Friday according to a web post on June 17.
But Microsoft will not go ahead and finalize the deal until FTC supports the acquisition.  Microsoft has not made [...]

HP TouchPads Available for Pre-Order – Is There a Threat?

HP’s tablet project was underway since sometime past the release of the first iPad. Unlike the formerly rumored HP Slate, the TouchPad is reality and is ready to hit the shelves next month. It won’t be easy facig off not only the iPad but iPad 2 as well. The TouchPad is now available for pre-order [...]

Android Tablets to be Featured in Business Class Flights

Thinner and lighter than the iPad, Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the newer version of the older 7” Galaxy Tab and it has now found another market to enter. American Airlines and Samsung announced last Monday to equip all of the former’s posh flight cabins with these Android tablets. Samsung released its new refurbished [...]

RIM playbook Seeks Market in Global Launch

RIM’s first ever venture in the tablet market brought forth a rather unsuccessful yet useful device nicknamed the BlackBerry PlayBook. The tablet does have some good attributes to it but it did not stand up so well against the spate of other high-end tablets in the lucrative U.S. market. The iPad and lately the iPad [...]

HP Touchpad to Launch on July 1st

Hewlett-Packard announced that its Wi-Fi model tablet the TouchPad will be land in U.S. markets on the 1st of July. The device can furthermore pose as a threat to the Apple iPad and iPad 2.
But let us have a look at the specs first. HP will ship its 16GB TouchPads in the U.S. with a [...]

Apple’s Potential of Gaming with iPad2 and iTV Duo

Not it’s not Game Center! In fact it is the combination of iTV and iPad 2 that brings about a gaming platform that is not for from the Xbox or PS concept of premium big screen gaming.  Apple iTV was previously known to connect with the iPad 2 air TV shows, stream movies and provide [...]

Verizon’s iPhone 5 Leaked Features

Verizon has not told us or leaked much on this topic, but since there are demands to know the latest activities regarding the iPhone 5. But that is for sure that the device will be a global mode device supporting both GSM and CDMA bands; hence it will be available for roaming.
As for the specs [...]

PC Free – What iCloud has for iOS 5!

At the WWDC something that really attracted me was the combination I would get with iCloud and iOS 5. I like iCloud for the fact that everything is in the cloud. I know it sounds stupid but it is simply user-friendly. The best thing about iCloud is that being PC-Free it truly defines the meaning [...]

WP7 Strategies are Improving

Something is up with Microsoft these days and even consumers admit it. Recently the upshot about it was that consumers can now purchase a WP7 phone from Verizon, Sprint or T-mobile at a drop-dead rate of $0.01. Catch is that they will have to start a new plan. But setting the carrier issues [...]

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