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iPhone 4 Review

The official release of iPhone 4 on 15 June 2010 was among the most memorable events of this year. This iDevice innovation has been redesigned and is getting more and more popular among the users.

iPhone 4

What‘s New in iPhone 4
Most of the blogs giving iPhone 4 review have revealed that the sophisticated touch of the [...]

iLove Jokes; The Best Love Jokes App For iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad Now On iTunes Store

Are you looking for the best love jokes you can find? Your search ends here with iLove Jokes Lite – The ultimate love romance joke application, bringing you the best love jokes you’ve never heard before. Try it out for free and have a good laugh at our love jokes.A
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iCab UK Now Available on iTunes Store

You may have hard time to call a taxi if you’re in UK for the first time, and the most difficult thing is to call a cab when you don’t know the locations and so you pay lot more than normal fair. iCab UK is your perfect solution for finding best taxi services round UK [...]

Touch Screen: iPhone Vs Nexus One

For many Nexus One is too good as they compare it with iPhone on the basis of touch screen. Well, here I found an interesting read regarding this on ZNet Blog:
The Nexus One is praised for its WVGA (480×800) AMOLED screen, but in reality text appears less sharp and crisp than it does on [...]

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