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Apple will Launch Ipad HD instead of Ipad3

According to the latest rumors about the launch of Ipad3, apple will launch ipad HD instead of Ipad3 and it will be happening in the fall. This will be a new entry in the ipad series. The ipad HD, which should not be confused with the ipad 3, it will come with a double resolution [...]

HP TouchPads Available for Pre-Order – Is There a Threat?

HP’s tablet project was underway since sometime past the release of the first iPad. Unlike the formerly rumored HP Slate, the TouchPad is reality and is ready to hit the shelves next month. It won’t be easy facig off not only the iPad but iPad 2 as well. The TouchPad is now available for pre-order [...]

Android’s Possible Tablet Success

Android had a different stance from Apple since day one and despite having lost market share it clung to its guns and kept on churning out products on the same strategy for the market. Like its Google Chromebook, Google is more into the customer’s needs rather than constructing a premium platform that specifies the consumer’s [...]

HTC Engineers to bring Gingerbread on to HTC Desire

Two days ago HTC published on its web page that it will not be pushing the latest gingerbread update to the HTC Desire. But following a spate of negative opinions on the news release, the story has changed a full 180 degrees.
HTC Desire will be getting the Android Gingerbread after all although just 24 hours ago [...]

HTC Desire Will Not Support Gingerbread 2.3 Upgrade

The HTC Desire was among the first new-age Android 2.2 phones to contend the iPhone 4 and it did a pretty good job at it. For me the HTC Desire was one of the most fruitful ventures in the Android sector. The Desire had it all price, smooth functionality crisp screen, refurbished OS, smart camera [...]

Apple’s iCloud Running on Windows Azure Network?

To put it straight and blunt, Apple is a client of Windows Azure cloud network and other servers as it lacks its own server infrastructure.
The last sentence thrown at Apple was somewhat shocking but I had my doubts about eh Cupertino Company in the first place and upon doing some research confirmed my suspicions.
The website [...]

Google Chromebooks Review, Launch and Afterthoughts

If people say that Google today is a market share leader then they have seen nothing. Back in 2007 Google was the proverbial giant with shares rising as high as $700 for each.  But with the glory days over Google lost a lot of market share, $40 billion in expenses and hence decreased in popularity.
Today, [...]

Look Out for Final Cut Pro X Next Week

June 2011 saw a lot of mobile and tech market releases, events and upgrades many of which we were waiting, some were surprises and a fair share of useless releases that flopped. It is not even past mid June and already the E3 Expo and the WWDC has taken place with lots to offer to [...]

Unlocked iPhone 4 Price and Launch

Here is a rumor that is taking the run of the headlines lately. There is a report that states that Apple is to release a factory unlocked model of the iPhone 4 in the U.S. this week.
Chronic Wire’s Twitter messages provide the following information on some unlocked GSM models:
MC603 will be a black 16GB model
MC604 [...]

Spaced out; iPhone 4 to Accompany Final Shuttle Mission

History is yet to be achieved and that also with iPhone 4 signed below. Another will be milestone transgressed by the iPhone 4 when two iPhone 4 models will be packed aboard on the Final Space mission that launches later this year.
These devices will be running an experimental application called SpaceLab for iOS 4 that [...]

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