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Microsoft’s E3 Debuts, No Orapa Yet!

Microsoft had the next big thing in entertainment upcoming for all Kinect users out there. After having retailed off more than 10 million Kinect units since its launch at preceding year’s November. This year’s E3 controller free gaming was the main aspect of the whole event. It displayed kid friendly games such as sports, party [...]

Apple iCloud Sued by iCloud Communications

Apple is looking down the barrel of yet another lawsuit. As if Apple has not got enough of those lying around in its closet and on e already underway at the present. Apple is facing a trademark dispute over a recently revealed product.
The Arizona-based company iCloud Communications sued Apple last Thursday for copying its name [...]

Wal-Mart sells discounted Apple iPhone 4

Wal-Mart received the fourth installment of the Apple iPhone 4 sometime last year. But this year it announced that that particular handset is going to retail at a price lower than it was before. The iPhone 4 is a high-end smartphone in the market and is going to retail at $147 instead of [...]

Apple iOS 5 Influences the Mobile Industry

The iOS 5 overhauls the iOS 4 with 200 features to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It might have been a game of catch up with Google Android, the latter of which is in Alpha position over the mobile market, iOS has finally released an acceptable version of the OS for consumers. [...]

WWDC 2011 Displays new Mac OS X lion Features

Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the WWDC was to release of version 10.7 of Mac OS X titled Lion; and release he did!
A big surprise here is that Lion won’t be an overhaul to its predecessor; Snow Leopard 10.6 like the latter which was an update to its predecessor; Leopard 10.5. Instead Lion comes with [...]

T-Mobile to Ship HTC & Samsung 4G Smartphones

T-Mobile is steadily becoming a more attractive option for consumers with its better plans, fast and reliable HSPA+ 4G network and now a bunch of highly consumer attractive 4G smartphones to land this month. Android phones are all the rage and that coupled with 4G only makes it better.
With the Galaxy S being released last [...]

Apple’s iOS 5 – Real Innovation or a Borrowed one?

Apple unveiled the remarkable iOS 5 just yesterday and after giving it a run for its features I came to the conclusion that Apple had nothing to do with the software except for borrowing the concept from Android, Microsoft, RIM, Symbian and Zune to redesign it anew. Tweaking the software does not give [...]

WWDC 2011, Post Conference News and Opinion

Apple’s WWDC event took place just yesterday and I have to say it is different. First of all the event was unlike the traditional ones before where hardware is usually released but not this year. However this year is not all in vain with iCloud, iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion being released with [...]

iPhone 4S releasing in two months time

The clock is ticking faster as the launch of the next Apple iPhone series get closer every second. It is said to be “a bigger issue for Apple” as it is an upgrade from its current iPhone 4 kind, much like what they did with the 3GS.

Rumored Release Dates:
All the revelations about the next generation [...]

Apple Releases iWork Package Apps for iDevices

The iWork suite was previously an exclusively Mac software package. But Apple aiming on increasing functionality of its other handheld products launched the well known software bundle for the multi-touch interface and making it accessible for mobile iDevices. This packager is more on the corporate side of the gadgets’ concept with run of the mill [...]

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