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WP8 ‘Mango’ Can be Optimized for Tablets

Windows has started to talk about its new operating system they christened Windows Phone 8 aka ‘Mango’ and have released promotional videos on the interface. Although there is not much to be deduced from these visuals I can still say that according to the 500+ new features alone the OS will be surprisingly [...]

With iPad 3 Apple to Hold the Tablets’ Market Tightly

The Tablets’ market has grown to a greater extent, especially after iPad’s arrival. The market took actual boom with iPad 2 when iPad the rivals got active and started coming up with delicate features and affordable pricing. It started right in the beginning of 2011 when mobile and PC industries stepped forward with combined forces [...]

Apple Kicks off iCloud – An in-depth Look

iCloud is a domain recently bought by Apple that consists of Music locker, MobileMe and other web services bundled in.

Apple has been abuzz with activity recently as the new tech “season” kicks in. It has become a tradition for Apple to bring about its products into the market at this time of the year, and [...]

Steve Jobs’ Presentation at WWDC

It was rumored that Apple CEO Steve Jobs would not be presenting at the WWDC 2011 on 6th of June due to health issues. But recently news come out that Steve here would not be breaking the tradition of passing the starting keynote address at WWDC.

At the WWDC, Apple stated that it would be providing [...]

Orapa at Microsoft’s Expo E3

Project Orapa is to debut at the Expo E3 on June 7 as we expect and it brings IPTV services into Kinect.

While the rest of us are doodling about waiting for the WWDC there is another event up soon on June 7. Microsoft’s E3 Expo to be a similar which kicks off on [...]

India Gets its iPhone 4

First China, now India what’s next? I think by the time “next” steps in the iPhone 5 will be here which already has rumors about it that it will support bands of various network and will be more available internationally. As iPhone 4 becomes more popular worldwide it abruptly lands (amid cheers) on Bharti Airtel, [...]

Samsung vs. Apple over next gen iPhone and iPad

Samsung hits back at Apple when the latter made a statement against the Korean giant for copying the iPhone and iPad into its Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets.
Samsung requested a U.S. District Court to order Apple into providing Samsung with a final and commercial model of iPhone 5. A similar request was made for [...]

Most Useful iPhone Apps of all Times

Apple’s iTunes app store boasts a huge total of more than 400,000 apps for all of its iDevices combined. But below are the very best iPhone apps. Divided into categories there are in my experience the most useful iPhone apps – at least for my iPhone!
Video apps
Netflix – On it one can stream millions of HD films [...]

Milestone vs iPhone; a Quick Comparison

First of all we ought to be straightforward; both phones are ahead in their different leagues. And rivalry is tough. Some might say that one is better but in my opinion both are equally competent phones but of different essence. It all depends where you find your perfect device. But for the sake of a good [...]

Android Exceeds Apple in Free App Count

Young and ambitious; the two words that describe Apple’s biggest rival on the market. Android scored many a shot against Apple and won such as number of smartphones in the market, carrier availability and recently trumped Apple in the most market share. But until now Apple remained top dog with its locked ecosystem of apps [...]

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