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The New Revamped iOS 5

This June will see the debut of the evolved form of iOS 4.3; the iOS 5. Apple has ample time to upgrade its app store in order to match not only iOS 5 but developers will be keen on starting projects for iPad 3 and iPhone 5 with their fast A5 processors. We might witness [...]

Apple Invites Australian Journalists to Cover WWDC Event

It seems like Apple did get stung by Android surging past it in international iPhone Android market share. Apple has taken up countermeasure by the looks of it. The upcoming WWDC 2011 event will have Australian and other international journalists. This move was undertaken by Apple along with another where Apple’s iPhone PR team approached [...]

Verizon on Board with New Inventory

The Smartphone and tablet giants are already fighting overhead and the carriers sort it out for the customers. AT&T features a new Windows Phone 7 along with the Motorola Atrix 4G on its turf whereas Verizon introduces four new smartphones with the Verizon iPhone 4 in an official in-store launch. Three of the four come [...]

Top 5 Multi-Brand Smartphones of 2011

2011 saw a major entrance to many entourages of the modern tech market. Many milestones, updates, introductions and outcomes announced 2011 a really active year. Many devices we looked forward to pop up have landed and yet again I will make a list this time about top Smartphones of our new decade succeeding that of [...]

Apple Pushing iPod Nano Upgrades

Apple has been rumored of upgrading the updated iPod nano to be able to support cameras. OK before I ask why does there have to be a camera in nearly everything we use these days, I have to disappointed by the fact that Apple left out several key features to make way for the sensor [...]

Android@Home: A Wave of the Future!

At the Google I/O the tech giant rewarded us all with another introduction of innovation;  Android@Home framework. Saving you all the straight-out-of-the-movies concept, the framework is a system of controls, protocols and network to control all your home appliances, lighting, sound systems, electrical functions, wirelessly connected alarm clocks, bells, computers, refrigerators, and various other appliances [...]

Apple iPhone’s Major Shortcomings

The iPhone may be the near-universal face to the term Smartphones but despite its huge popularity and so-and-so specs, there are its shortcomings which miserably undermine its functionality and user friendliness. Below is a list of some of the major fails of the new iPhone 4.
Battery longevity
Battery life is simply disappointing on the iPhone. All [...]

WP7 on Carriers – Better This Time!

Microsoft as slipped out of leadership since it was top dog in the late 20th century. Today market leaders like Apple and Google have got the most say in iPhone android market share, devices and software releases. And although Microsoft Windows Phone sales have not registered a healthy rise, the company is still endeavoring towards [...]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Review – The Gaming Phone!

It is here and looks a nifty one too! Looking every bit like a PSP it still happens to be an Android Phone running on Android’s latest OS; Gingerbread 2.3. Previously Sony Ericsson wished to upgrade Xperia X10 and similar series with Gingerbread 2.3 but the Play will come loaded with it. The gamepad-slider-phone was [...]

HTC Flyer Tablet Out in Stores

This is HTC’s first ever and highly appealing venture in the tablet marketplace. The Flyer Tablet courtesy of HTC is a 16GB, 7-inch, Wi-Fi only Android Tablet sporting HTC Sense UI and powered by Android 2.3. This tablet will land on Sprint as the HTC Evo View 4G has already hit the shelves on Best Buy [...]

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