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Revolutionary Google Instant Search Now on Android and Apple Platforms!

Google launches its text input search predictive technology on its handheld platform Android 2.2, and on Apple’s iOS 4 operating systems from the 4th of November. This technology is termed as Google Instant and it is now applicable on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and all other Android based devices.  Google confirms that it will [...]

Hello iDevice 2011!

New waves of electronic gadgets have already rocked consumer niche markets throughout the latter end of 2010. Time goes ahead and we shouldn’t forget that. Right now, there are humming signs of huge upcoming activity concerning the handheld sector of our present day tiny tech age. 2010 slipped out in style leaving many parties for [...]

Out of Stock: iPhone 4 Sales Surpass Supply

Apple has recently opened business in China’s market for its new iPhone 4 series, many months after its new iPhone release. Unicom, Apple’s exclusive carrier partner in China has broadcasted that the current iPhone 4 stock has been exhausted entirely! In a total tally, 240,000 devices have sold out by the end of the second [...]

Which Way iPad?

Apple’s slick computer tablet; the renowned iPad, is definitely a well thrown pitch from Apple. The iPad beats all present tablets on the touch factor, oleophobic material, price tag, speedy processor, latest technology, high content capacity and ofcourse; gigantic iPad app support. These features give the iPad more than just an arguing point in [...]

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