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HP TouchPads Available for Pre-Order – Is There a Threat?

HP’s tablet project was underway since sometime past the release of the first iPad. Unlike the formerly rumored HP Slate, the TouchPad is reality and is ready to hit the shelves next month. It won’t be easy facig off not only the iPad but iPad 2 as well. The TouchPad is now available for pre-order [...]

HTC Legend vs. iPhone 4 – Another Bout!

Before anything goes ahead with today’s HTC Legend vs. iPhone 4 rounds there is something I would like to remind all readers. The iPhone 4 is a high-end and recently released Apple device and hence is naturally more powerful than the HTC Legend which is merely an update to its predecessor; the HTC Hero and [...]

Android’s Possible Tablet Success

Android had a different stance from Apple since day one and despite having lost market share it clung to its guns and kept on churning out products on the same strategy for the market. Like its Google Chromebook, Google is more into the customer’s needs rather than constructing a premium platform that specifies the consumer’s [...]

HTC Desire Will Not Support Gingerbread 2.3 Upgrade

The HTC Desire was among the first new-age Android 2.2 phones to contend the iPhone 4 and it did a pretty good job at it. For me the HTC Desire was one of the most fruitful ventures in the Android sector. The Desire had it all price, smooth functionality crisp screen, refurbished OS, smart camera [...]

Top 5 iPhone Multiplayer Games

Using an iPhone is a breeze and very enjoyable too. Being an avid gamer I have never failed to run out of games on my iPhone – thanks to iTunes’ huge inventory. Multiplayer games offer a change from the slightly boring single player versions. On the iPhone even multiplayer is addictive. Below is my personal [...]

Enhanced Display Expected for iPad 3

The release of iPad 3 is much anticipated and if there was more win with the iPad 2 then there might be a revolution in tablet computing with the iPad 3 that may ultimately result in the death of desktop computing! Sharp, clear and high quality photos on Twitter’s framework of Apple’s iOS 5 beta [...]

Best T-Mobile Android Phone – HTC Sensation 4G

T-Mobile’s new Android smartphone the HTC Sensation 4G is among the high-end smartphones out there and is set to launch on June 15 at the carrier’s retail stores for $199 outside commitment. The Sensation 4G is the first in T-Mobile’s phones to sport a dual-core Snapdragon chip from Qualcomm and a 960 x 540 high-res. [...]

Android Samsung Captivate vs. Apple iPhone 4

Before the Smartphone smack down begins I think we might all do with a good reckoning of each opponent’s capabilities. Android once the scourge of Apple is no longer second place but in fact it stands foremost in the market with highest sales, market share and popularity. Hence as more devices under Android’s flag come [...]

Unlocked iPhone 4 Price and Launch

Here is a rumor that is taking the run of the headlines lately. There is a report that states that Apple is to release a factory unlocked model of the iPhone 4 in the U.S. this week.
Chronic Wire’s Twitter messages provide the following information on some unlocked GSM models:
MC603 will be a black 16GB model
MC604 [...]

Verizon Recalls Defined Amount of iPad 2 Tablets

Following a hardware issue on an undisclosed number of 3G enabled iPad 2 tablets, Verizon has flushed out– as in its words – a ‘small number’ of iPad 2s that for recall. But still statistics are not available to show how amny have already made it out in the hands of many a consumer around [...]

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