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Enhanced Display Expected for iPad 3

The release of iPad 3 is much anticipated and if there was more win with the iPad 2 then there might be a revolution in tablet computing with the iPad 3 that may ultimately result in the death of desktop computing! Sharp, clear and high quality photos on Twitter’s framework of Apple’s iOS 5 beta [...]

Verizon Recalls Defined Amount of iPad 2 Tablets

Following a hardware issue on an undisclosed number of 3G enabled iPad 2 tablets, Verizon has flushed out– as in its words – a ‘small number’ of iPad 2s that for recall. But still statistics are not available to show how amny have already made it out in the hands of many a consumer around [...]

HP Touchpad to Launch on July 1st

Hewlett-Packard announced that its Wi-Fi model tablet the TouchPad will be land in U.S. markets on the 1st of July. The device can furthermore pose as a threat to the Apple iPad and iPad 2.
But let us have a look at the specs first. HP will ship its 16GB TouchPads in the U.S. with a [...]

Apple’s Potential of Gaming with iPad2 and iTV Duo

Not it’s not Game Center! In fact it is the combination of iTV and iPad 2 that brings about a gaming platform that is not for from the Xbox or PS concept of premium big screen gaming.  Apple iTV was previously known to connect with the iPad 2 air TV shows, stream movies and provide [...]

With iPad 3 Apple to Hold the Tablets’ Market Tightly

The Tablets’ market has grown to a greater extent, especially after iPad’s arrival. The market took actual boom with iPad 2 when iPad the rivals got active and started coming up with delicate features and affordable pricing. It started right in the beginning of 2011 when mobile and PC industries stepped forward with combined forces [...]

T-Touch pad vs. iPad – Why Telstra is on Quicksand?

Every market has its ups and downs and sometimes even those embarrassing entries to be simply ignored with dignity. Present day markets of greatest intrigue and harbor, all the daily rage are most often technological markets revolving around all the new touch devices of this year. Even as 2010 goes into en foreclosure, iPhone 2011 [...]

Apple’s Asian Opportunities – iPhone and iPad market in China

As usual, fertile markets in China have already attracted pioneers of the gadget trade. Apple had released its iPhone for its Chinese partner – Unicom – following the debut of the Apple iPad in China within the same month. Similar to the Verizon iPhone 4 cases, Unicom iPhones will be released later on exclusive hardware [...]

Android and Apple Are at It Again: Apple iPad vs. Samsung Galaxy Tablet

There is just too much fanboyism these days, on the immensely popular and reactive Android vs. Apple gadget duels, to get a clear non-biased review of any gadget comparison. Apple is hounded and surrounded by the forefront dominators of the handheld age; HTC, Microsoft, Google and Samsung. These corporations have run their campaigns on Android [...]

Which Way iPad?

Apple’s slick computer tablet; the renowned iPad, is definitely a well thrown pitch from Apple. The iPad beats all present tablets on the touch factor, oleophobic material, price tag, speedy processor, latest technology, high content capacity and ofcourse; gigantic iPad app support. These features give the iPad more than just an arguing point in [...]

Upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad will be 4G Enabled: Verizon

Verizon has announced on Wednesday that it expects this year to be for the launch of its next speedier. It will be the latest generation LTE enabled mobile wireless internet service in 38 cities across the US providing Highest-Speed access to 110 million users. This faster LTE technology would be immensely conductive to the [...]

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