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HTC Legend vs. iPhone 4 – Another Bout!

Before anything goes ahead with today’s HTC Legend vs. iPhone 4 rounds there is something I would like to remind all readers. The iPhone 4 is a high-end and recently released Apple device and hence is naturally more powerful than the HTC Legend which is merely an update to its predecessor; the HTC Hero and [...]

Android Samsung Captivate vs. Apple iPhone 4

Before the Smartphone smack down begins I think we might all do with a good reckoning of each opponent’s capabilities. Android once the scourge of Apple is no longer second place but in fact it stands foremost in the market with highest sales, market share and popularity. Hence as more devices under Android’s flag come [...]

Unlocked iPhone 4 Price and Launch

Here is a rumor that is taking the run of the headlines lately. There is a report that states that Apple is to release a factory unlocked model of the iPhone 4 in the U.S. this week.
Chronic Wire’s Twitter messages provide the following information on some unlocked GSM models:
MC603 will be a black 16GB model
MC604 [...]

BlackBerry Bold 9700 vs iPhone 4

With the iPhone 4 being the highest rated and best seller smartphone since its release there have been a lot of competitors in mobile world who have contended the iPhone 4. Although the iPhone may not be tip device these days, it certainly remains among the list of high end ones.
The BlackBerry bold on the [...]

Wal-Mart sells discounted Apple iPhone 4

Wal-Mart received the fourth installment of the Apple iPhone 4 sometime last year. But this year it announced that that particular handset is going to retail at a price lower than it was before. The iPhone 4 is a high-end smartphone in the market and is going to retail at $147 instead of [...]

Rumors and News on AT&T’s New iPhone 5

Rumors have answered the questions of tech releases before. It may not have been the truth but it s good database and trend fodder. Same is the case with iPhone 5’s release to be scheduled this year. U.S. customers are most expectant of when does the iDevice. The iPhone 5 is to land this [...]

iPhone 4S releasing in two months time

The clock is ticking faster as the launch of the next Apple iPhone series get closer every second. It is said to be “a bigger issue for Apple” as it is an upgrade from its current iPhone 4 kind, much like what they did with the 3GS.

Rumored Release Dates:
All the revelations about the next generation [...]

Android Versus iPhone Market Share

Google Android and Apple Rivals are today’s great superpowers of the Tech universe. Major competitors and arch rivals. The two of them scuffle on smartphones, software, tablets and market share. Whilst there are various aspects to contemplating a leader in the market one aspect stands out; how much do customers use and prefer different platforms. [...]

The Touch Tussle – HTC Desire vs. iPhone 4

In today’s modern world, the multi-billionaire wireless industry, mobile communication and cellular technology has become more than just a necessity for communication. Indeed, today the Smartphone revolution has brought about top-end high technology gadgets like the iPhone 4 supporting features measured in terms of Multimedia, web browsing, iPhone apps support, Operating System, gaming and [...]

Apple’s Asian Opportunities – iPhone and iPad market in China

As usual, fertile markets in China have already attracted pioneers of the gadget trade. Apple had released its iPhone for its Chinese partner – Unicom – following the debut of the Apple iPad in China within the same month. Similar to the Verizon iPhone 4 cases, Unicom iPhones will be released later on exclusive hardware [...]

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