How to Delete iPhone Messages

Text message stake up more space than you can think and it is a real pain to scroll trough endless hoards of useless messages in order to get to the useful ones. So if you wish to delete your iPhone messages. Once deleted, there is no way of getting the message back.  There are two types of messages that can be deleted; conversations and individual messages. Listed below are the ways of deleting messages and they are listed as follows.

Deleting iphone conversations

Deleting a conversation;

Go into Messages app

Open any conversation by tapping the arrow at the upper left to for the list of conversations. Choose anyone you want

Press “Edit” at the upper right

Press the red circle at the left. A “Delete” button will appear on the right

Tap “Delete” button to omit the entire conversation

Deleting iphone messages

Deleting individual messages;

Go into any the conversation

IN the conversation, tap “Edit” icon on the upper right

An empty check circle will appear beside each message

Mark message(s) you wish to delete by tapping the message(s) you want deleted

Tap the “Delete” button on the bottom left.

If you wish to exit the app without deleting then simply press done instead of delete.

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