How to Save your iPhone’s Battery Life

iPhone low power battery

Smartphones are a common item in today’s list of survival, entertainment and utility devices. But since they live off a charged and temporarily available source of power, it becomes more imperative to conserve the battery time. The iPhone is a big market hit and smartphone beauty in the mobile tech market. Saving the iPhone’s battery life is essential so that we can all use our devices for the longest period of time possible. Below is your guide to getting more out of the juice!

  1. Screen brightness: Like a torch light is the number one thing which consumes battery life. The iPhone screen is additionally a bright bulb of highly engineered Retina Display technology and that is in itself a major battery life eater. If you can cope with as low as 10% brightness which is a healthy level of brightness for long battery life then you can get your iPhone till the 24-hour mark.
  2. Turn off unused connections: Turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when data transfer or browsing is not taking place. Continuous connection finished up power.
  3. And 3G: Turn it off to cut down on battery usage. To turn it off go into Settings followed by General followed by Network. Use EDGE as an alternative for smaller and more efficient net functions.
  4. Vibrate and some sound effects in games are unnecessary features that if tuned off can give the power consuming graphic and sound cards some rest. Toggle off vibrate from game settings when playing it.
  5. GPS is also useless unless you are using it. Turn maps off after getting your desired information.  Manually toggling off maps is healthy to your battery.
  6. Make your apps store purchases, downloads as well as browsing on the computer more frequent, and keep it at a minimum on your iPhone. When transferring data through sync from the PC you can get the bonus of extra charging through the USB.
  7. Set the smallest possible idle time for standby. The iPhone’s screen auto-locks after a minute of idle time. To manage idle time go into Settings then general and from there to the auto-lock Tab.
  8. Minimize the use of heavy 3D games and HD Movies as they drain a huge amount of battery life for they not only use the processor and screen light but also sound effects and the graphics card.
  9. Keep a travel charger handy and whenever you can get little snippets of battery life from anywhere possible be it the car or work or any place with a electric main socket. You can surf the net and play games and do some heavy Smartphone work without worries during charging time.

iPhone battery juice finished

These tips can be used on all iPhone OSs including OS 2.0.

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