How to Sync Google Calendar with iPhone OS 2.2 and higher

Google Sync with iPhone

Google Sync Beta was announced sometime last year and it allowed iPhone users to sync their Google mail accounts, contacts and calendar events over the air on to their iPhones. Before you read the following manual as to how to push your needed data across onto the iPhone you must backup all your contacts and Calendar events first. In order to use Google sync on iPhone one must have iPhone firmware of 2.2 or higher. Another thing is that upon syncing Google contacts to iPhone all the iPhone contact will be lost. So the best idea here is to backup all your existing iPhone contacts to your Google account and then sync the whole lot back to the iPhone

Backing up Contacts using iTunes

1. Plug in your iPod Touch or iPhone to your desktop computer with the USB cable
2. Open the iTunes app
3. Click on your iPhone followed by “Info”
4. Select the checkbox beside the “Sync Google Contacts” option and a pop up box will appear requesting you to enter your Google account’s username & password. Do that!

Google account infromation for sync

5. Fill in the fields and click “OK”.
6. Click “Apply” to begin the transfer of your iPhone contacts to your Google account.

To authenticate the availability of your contacts, simply login to Gmail and do just that.

Configuring Google Sync on the iPhone

Now; onto the next step for configuring Google Sync on the iPhone.

1. Tap settings app on the iPhone or ipod Touch home screen
2. Go into “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
3. Push the “Add Account….” button followed by “Microsoft Exchange”.

iPhone google sync configuration

4. Enter your Google account address in the email field

iPhone google sync information

5. Leave the “Domain” field empty
6. Provide your Google Account email address for the “Username” field.
7. Tap in your Google account password in the “Password” field
8. Touch the “Next” button in the upper right corner of the screen
9. A new “Server” field will pop up afterwards. Write in; “”
10. Press “Next” at the top of the screen again and click accepts on any warning messages that appear

Verify certificate warning

11. Flip the “Contacts” and “Calendar” options onto “ON” for syncing. When it was first released Mail was not yet an option. But now it can also be flipped to “ON”.

12. Press “Sync” to confirm and again to for the warning that appears and you are done.

Contacts loss Warning

Afterwards all changes to your Google and Calendars will be transferred over the air onto our iPhone.

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