A English beginners Game – Kids AtoZ App

An app that brings together games and learning for kids is Kids AtoZ where kids can utilize a digital and portable picture dictionary.

AtoZ Kids iPhoen app screenshot

An application for kids on your iPhone can do much to make their little heads busy and learning in the meantime. It is a big hurdle for parents when IQ levels are low and kids do not wish to study as much as they want to play. So the ultimate solution would be termed “Play-Study” but here we call it Kids AtoZ. This is an application for your iPhone from which you can get a variety of features that can cause your child to pay attention to studies and pick up his IQ from a small age. This is an iPhone and iPod touch application that focuses on strengthening the child’s learning abilities.

AtoZ Kids iPhone app logo

This app is full of English language alphabets, colorful animations and sound effects. The application lets your kid learn English alphabets from A to Z by combining the concepts of play and learning together. Images are provided with their respective alphabets in both cases. The characters are large and clear and the interface is easily usable by children.

Other features include;

Easily pronounced illustrations provided of all 26 letters of the English alphabet.

Full animations are dispalyed.

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