Apple iCloud Sued by iCloud Communications

Apple's lawsuits

Apple is looking down the barrel of yet another lawsuit. As if Apple has not got enough of those lying around in its closet and on e already underway at the present. Apple is facing a trademark dispute over a recently revealed product.

The Arizona-based company iCloud Communications sued Apple last Thursday for copying its name and trademark of iCloud onto its newly launched cloud service.

iCloud communications

The company named iCloud Communications had been using the name of ‘iCloud’ for its services that included computer and electronic data transmission. The company argues that it had coined the name for its services way earlier than Apple which released iCloud on the 6th of June at the WWDC.

It is damaging for the company, as it states, for people to associate iCloud with Apple and hence hurt business for iCloud Communications.

Apple iCloud

The firm of iCloud Communications has requested Apple to refrain from using the label of iCloud and obliterate all patents, labels, posters, prints, insignia, brochures, business cards and other related items in written or recorded material or promotional advertisements that holds name. it also seeks compensation on all damages “sustained and yet to be sustained”.

Furthermore iCloud Communications strengthens its claim by bringing to light Apple’s history of lawsuits and infringement of trademarks mentioning McIntosh Labs and iAd among many others. The most recent lawsuit Apple was embroiled in was the one with Samsung where both tech companies traded accusations of copying each other’s hardware designs. Samsung had all fingers pointed at iPhone and iPad claiming copyright and Apple was likewise ballistic all over Samsung’s Galaxy family of products for the same reason.

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