Apple iPad May Help Media Executives A Money Making Opportunity

Apple iPad is a hot topic as it’s expected to be a boom in industry with its exciting features, and so there’re rumors and expert opinions. Money making aspect is very important factor of each new digital product, and so is the case for iPad.

Besides developers, media executives and content sellers are the people who will have a good chance of making money with iPad. Here’s a detailed discussion by Guardian UK, on the issue.

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5 Responses to “Apple iPad May Help Media Executives A Money Making Opportunity”

  1. Torrie Plassman says:

    I love the iphone! Yeah to apple for making this wonderful phone. :) My flat mate just got one and he doesn’t care for it for some reason.

  2. Quinn Freelon says:

    Very nice post.

  3. Corrin Showes says:

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  4. Omar Ricciardelli says:

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