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eWonders App for iPhone

If you think you know that there are only seven wonders of this planet earth, you are already way down on your IQ. Bringing headway in iOS 4.0 update of technology we offer you eWonders application. eWonders is an iPhone application that allows browsing through a large list of the most exquisite masterpieces in this world, created by man and nature alike. The list of the world’s wonders is displayed along with pictures, videos, exact map location and a description in short for each the wonder.

Wonders of the World for iPhone

Once you had to marvel at the only seven wonders of the world, now in eWonders you can discover a boundless trove of unlimited wonders. You never know there’re wonders of world in your area, unexplored until present.

eWonders classifies the list of world wonders according to dates, types and locations. Types include Middle Ages wonders, Civil Engineering wonders, Natural wonders, Underwater wonders etc. The next section of the application then covers local wonders.

List of World Wonders

eWonders is compatible as an iPod touch application as well. To access basic features one needn’t start up a browser, but to enjoy the full features of the application you’ll be required to do so.

Cairo Citadel Egypt World Wonders

Cairo Egypt World Wonders

The software also provides very supportive user-friendly features:

  • Wonders are contained in 14 broad categories
  • A map indicates the exact location and geo-demographics of every world wonder
  • You can enjoy sharing this information within your community circles via Facebook, Messaging, and Email
  • The application is extremely cost-effective
  • Exceptional multimedia graphics and quality
  • Save your desired scenic wonders as favorites

Share Great Wonders of the World

If you have an avid interest in global geography and history, you will definitely be very fond of this application. Moreover, this application would be a prized asset to the disabled, who have slimmer chances to traverse the globe and visit those awe-inspiring places.

What’s more is that this application has recently been inaugurated as an iPad application, bringing about breathtaking views and screenshots of the vista of wonders. In addition faster internet browsing will enable more access to full features.

  • Contains around 170 wonders
  • Shows exact location on Google Maps
  • Offers Street Zooming views
  • Almost free at a flat price of $0.99

This iDevice application is an avant-garde production of Zanura GP Inc.

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