Joining Dots – Kids Learn Through iDevice technology

joining dots iPhone app

Joining dots is and was and always will be a kid’s premium idea of good clean fun. It was first applicable on paper. But it was not long since this feature became upgraded, portable and endless with no risk of finishing up books of joining dots. And this is exactly what Zanura did. With Zanura’s Joining Dots app kids can:

Easily learn and recognize English alphabets, numbers and get creative

Kids can learn letters and counting all in a single application

The interface is colorful and the UI is simple

The app comes with audio and screen effects

Moreover Fun to play

Join Dots is a free app iPhone and iPod touch application for children where they trace dots by touch rthere than by pencil which ,a,kes it even more compatible This makes it even more portable to carry around with youo everywhere and anywhere. Moreover the iPhone is in itself a very stable and firm holding device so the child will not have any issues with using it for long lengths of time. There are also many different dots and images stored so that your child won’t be finishing anytime soon!

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