Reviewing Apple iTunes 10.3 and the Cloud

Last yesterday’s WWDC event heralded the release of iTunes 10.3 that is compatible with two more software that marked the day; iCloud and iOS 5; Apple latest app store. It has initial support for iCloud features.

Apple iTunes 10.3

This new iTunes will become an alternative for MobileMe. For the time being iCloud is not ready for release but it will be some time later this year. But many support software is still available for iDevice users to utilize including managing app store purchases and downloading past purchases for free.

The software will offer a belt of useful and new features for iTunes users. A major feature is the Automatic updates feature where music, apps, multimedia, data, tools and eBooks that are purchase on one iDevice or Mac will also be downloaded on all other iDevices and macs owned by you that are running iTunes 10.3.

It is more probable that users will have to wait for iTunes volume 10.5 and run the new Mac OS X Lion to fully utilize all of iCloud’s features., The best thing about this is that iTunes is available for free download on a number of links.

Apart from downloading previous purchases for free and automatic downloads iTunes will also introduce a new aspect to shopping on the app store. Books, yes from now on users can also buy, download and purchase iBooks on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Apple offers in-cloud integration of iTunes as well. Although that is still in Beta mode there will be a final polish for that service. Lastly there will be iTunes Match which is also coming soon and it will convert all non-iTunes files into iTunes file formats. Apart from the tool iTunes Match will also offer backup and photo storage services.


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