Zanura’s Vintage Black & White Camera App

The iPhone sports a very cool camera and though it among the best there are. But it is not complete. Yes that’s right it does not sport any Black and White camera which many users would long for its effects and vintage style in family photos and memorable scenes. Even a nice little horror shoot! Anyway worry not for Zanura GP Inc. brings you the best B&W camera app for iOS 4 and above.

Zanura Black  & White Cam App

This new iPhone app provides monochrome photography in sharp resolution and quality

Photo of couple with B&W cam app

For only 0.4 MB and prices cut off at a nearly free rate this app is all yours on iTunes. Moreover a more integrated is coming down the pipe and upgrades are under way.

Photo os son and daughter with B&W cam app

The camera app’s features include;

Diversifying Effects:

The Black & White Camera app contains a number of exclusive effects such as Shadows, shapes, shades and depth.

Native camera app support:

Can convert previously taken pictures to Black & white and brings out texture and depth in them.

Advanced Tools:

Advanced tools for the B&W available on this iPhone camera app allows you to be creative with pictures, by editing, managing and sharing them within social circles and networks.

Zanura B&W Cam App for iPhone

In short the app is easy-to-use and a very classic add-on for iPhone. Go for it!

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