Apple’s Potential of Gaming with iPad2 and iTV Duo

real racing HD 2 on iPadd, iTV and HD TV

Not it’s not Game Center! In fact it is the combination of iTV and iPad 2 that brings about a gaming platform that is not for from the Xbox or PS concept of premium big screen gaming.  Apple iTV was previously known to connect with the iPad 2 air TV shows, stream movies and provide corporate on-the-air services. Let’s take Real Racing the high-end game racing simulator game available for iDevices for a test drive. Now imagine playing real racing on HD TV. Firemint, the company that owns the game has announced that Real Racing 2 HD will support wireless gaming using Apple’s AirPlay feature that is also available on iOS 5.

For you out there thinking this AirPlay mirroring then it is to let you know that the game will be utilizing the full power of AirPlay and can only use the iPad 2 as a controller. This is because iPad 2 is capable of supporting heavier graphics computing power. For Real Racing 2 the iPad is the console controller with race data such as laps, position, map, and so on are displayed whereas the TV is the play. The iPad 1 may support the game play but not in dual screen mode.

Of course Apple will never be for the likes of Xbox 360 offering full-featured gaming features and services. But trust me no one will be buying an iPad 2 iTV combo for gaming. It is those who already have it that will be happy with it.

Apart from everything else there are two more things that are of my personal concern. Will the installation of iOS 5 allow this sort of gaming from the iPhone?

Does each app have to be updated in order to be compatible with this new ‘iGaming’ because this system would be really obstructive in smooth gaming!

iPhone as a controller for gaming consoles

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