Apps for Kids – Alphabetic Zoo App!

Alphabetic zoo appThe iPhone has attracted many niche markets. Several choose it for choice or for need. Believe it or not even kids have found some activity in the iPhone. iPhone app reviews of family friendly games and utilities on iDevices show that a fraction of iPhone users are kids. Alphabet Zoo is one such addictive iPhone and iPod Touch application for tiny tots that makes learning the English language a joy.

Through attractive and simple touch methods it helps kids to learn the alphabets correctly. It helps your kids to enhance his/her skills of alphabet recognition and usage. The simple and highly cheap application features animals in a zoo that is all mixed up. The kids then proceed to sort them out in correct alphabetical order. Sound and display effects indicate correct alphabets, and vice versa for the wrong ones.

Alphabetic zoo app logoThis app helps the little one to directly interact with the language in a practical environment. It aids the kids with their deduction abilities and speeds it up. The price tag is small so go ahead and get this fun application for your smaller sibling or daugheter/son. It’s fun and addictive for kids of all ages!

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