FTC Gives Microsoft Green Light to Buy Skype

Microsoft is clear to purchase Skype, at least from U.S. department of justice’s point of view. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has approved of the DOJ’s action last Friday according to a web post on June 17.

But Microsoft will not go ahead and finalize the deal until FTC supports the acquisition.  Microsoft has not made any comment on this note until now but it seems obvious that Microsoft would need the latter’s approval for getting its hands on Skype.

Microsoft first made it known that it wished to buy the Skype software with all its patents, trademarks and services on May 10 at a price tag of $8.5 billion in cash. The transfer of ownership is likely to go underway before the sun sets on 2011. Officials said they were counting on the deal to secure regulatory approval before the end of calendar 2011. Microsoft has got plans for Skype and this might provide a major boost to its new introductions like Mango and reviving its strategy.

Skype will be equipped with a score of business and consumer oriented services. The possibilities are unlimited when we contemplate of Skype in relation to WP7, Lync unified communications servers, Hotmail, Xbox, Office, .Net, Kinect and the horde of other Microsoft entities.

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