HP TouchPads Available for Pre-Order – Is There a Threat?

HP’s tablet project was underway since sometime past the release of the first iPad. Unlike the formerly rumored HP Slate, the TouchPad is reality and is ready to hit the shelves next month. It won’t be easy facig off not only the iPad but iPad 2 as well. The TouchPad is now available for pre-order on the HP web site.

As expected the TouchPad is available with Wi-Fi only in two configurations. The 16GB model is $499 and the 32GB version is $599 which puts it on a price level with the iPad. Something rivals just don’t understand is that no matter how well they value and build their Android Tablets, they will never by anywhere near Apple on Day 1. So why price their products for the same price the iPad is being retailed? It is a huge let-down, in fact customers will most obviously pick the flashier, more popular, more used, (I am not going to say better though!) and more app-supported iPad for the same price. The TouchPad can be directly purchased from Hewlett and Packard or form partner retailers such as Sams and Costco.

As for those out there who are expecting a showdown, I might add that the TouchPad running on the polished WebOS, sized at 9.7 inches and having nearly every feature there is on the iPad 2, may not be as popular as the iPad but has an equally massive consumer base. A non-iPad market may exist as HP will go out of its way to prove that. Apps which are more or less all the life on a tablet are dismally low on the TouchPad.

And talking about non-iPad markets, there are a huge number of Android tablets out there that have more potential than the iPad, but due to reasons of over-exaggeration, high prices and lack of market may not be as lucky as HP’s TouchPad. The iPad is a fad while Android would be her to stay. Apple can keep on changing tablet concepts because that is more like a sequel for a type of fun appliance. But, Android is platform that delivers something for individual consumers and the industry. Maybe that is the reason why people would not want to bet their money just to be disappointed in the end from Android but take the safe way and buy iPad.

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