PC Free – What iCloud has for iOS 5!

iCloud settngs

At the WWDC something that really attracted me was the combination I would get with iCloud and iOS 5. I like iCloud for the fact that everything is in the cloud. I know it sounds stupid but it is simply user-friendly. The best thing about iCloud is that being PC-Free it truly defines the meaning of being wireless with mobile handset and being able to do everything right from the pocket anywhere and anytime.

To cut a long story short iCloud provides allows info and data to be updated online in the free 5GB of cloud storage provided upon signing up. Through iCloud one can store photos, calendar, documents, mail, settings and app data. Moreover music playlists and iTunes can be modified, uploaded and streamed through this hard drive in the sky. If you have any pirated version of song on iTunes then Apple will replace it with a genuine one.

PC Free further integrates native apps and functionality features available on the previous iOS 4. The following are the apps that receive added functionality.

logo of Mail appMail

The inbox gets overhauled by the inclusion text fonts, bold, italic and underlined formats. Drag and drop, deleting and creating mail folders and lots of other features are accessed right from the cloud, not to mention the free mail account you get.

logo of calendar appCalendar

The calendar gets a retouch too with different viewing modes on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Tap to create event, drag to synchronize time, stopwatch and alarm clock. Adding, removing and checking event attachments from the Calendar app. Through iCloud calendar can be furthermore shared between friends and family and also synced with other iDevices.

logo of game center appGame Center

Apple boasts the game center; it is THE gaming platform and community that is enhanced with iOS 5. With iCloud users can post a profile picture. I can now filter players, friend recommendations and sort them according to games I played. I can explore new games while remaining in the app and also view other player profiles.

logo of wireless sync appWireless Sync

Sync over Wi-Fi is the jewel in the set here. Over Wi-Fi I can now sync the iDevice with a Mac or another desktop platform over a single Wi-Fi connection. Every time the phone is placed on charge for a long time iTunes is automatically synced and it backs up your new, favorite, subscribed TV shows, movies, music and photos on the go.

logo of gesturesMultitasking Gestures

Touch is going to integrate and iOS did just that by adding a few new gestures, and moves that add touch screen functionality. Four or five fingers swiping opens up the multitasking bar, pinch goes back to the Home screen.

logo of AirPlay mirroring appAirPlay with iPad 2

Presentation by keynote in the big screen is now possible with AirPlay in iPad 2 via Apple iTV.  AirPlay will now run video mirroring where one can wirelessly stream media from the iPad 2 to an HDTV via iTV. Rotation, effects, zooming and orientation can be done on the iPad and be mirrored on the big screen.

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