RIM playbook Seeks Market in Global Launch

BlackNerry PlayBook ui

RIM’s first ever venture in the tablet market brought forth a rather unsuccessful yet useful device nicknamed the BlackBerry PlayBook. The tablet does have some good attributes to it but it did not stand up so well against the spate of other high-end tablets in the lucrative U.S. market. The iPad and lately the iPad 2 for one thing is the biggest face in this industry. The Blackberry PlayBook despite being a rather smart and enterprise oriented gadget has not caused heads to turn in North America, hence RIM more or less is packing up for fortune elsewhere. This summer the PlayBook will be seeing launches in 16 countries namely United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Australia, Venezuela, Spain, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Mexico, France, Italy, India, Indonesia and Colombia. Although we are not sure of the landing time it will hopefully be in between a month’s time.

The gadgets will be accordingly priced by carrier and/or retailer. RIM may also release several 4G models to accompany the first ones as well. These ones may be differently priced. RIM had previously brought the Wi-Fi only editions of its tablet to U.S. customers on Sprint. U.S. carriers are to get 4G-enabled versions soon this summer.

BlackNerry PlayBook services

BlackBerry is known for its advanced utility, tools, office, networking and smooth business grade software and the PlayBook was no exception. However PlayBook does not have the charm of stealing non-BB owners for a number of reasons. For one thing it is piteously low on attractive games and applications and user defined entertainment of social services.

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