The Cloudy Concept – Google Cloud vs. iCloud

Last yesterday Apple made the release of iCloud public at the WWDC along with iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion and hence Apple entered the world of cloud computing. Cloud computing is basically termed as the wireless transfer, modification, storage, and streaming of data in-the-air. Apple iCloud is more of an online store concept than Google cloud.

Apple iClouod vs. Google cloud

Google’s Cloud

Google’s approach to cloud computing is a revolutionary one. It focuses on driving users to a more compatible, cheap, and serviceable future. It plans to introduce fast and low-cost services and wireless cloud computing access between major corporate groups, homes, social networking, entertainment, and to eliminate connectivity hurdles in between.

Google cloud concept

It’s a network based concept and all of its introductions are to make the whole cloud and always connected idea available anywhere; coverage is Google’s thing. This also comes in as a necessity as Google’s apps are all rely on connection data is exchanged on Google cloud servers in the cloud. Hence Google becomes an online hub with the best features you want on the cloud for uploading, downloading, third party access and interacting.

cloud linking

The future of broadband may as well have to do a lot with Google optimism, but the free market is not an easy thing to attain or construct especially in smaller low profit markets hence stronger relations is needed between smaller and larger markets.

Apple’s iCloud

Apple has a different view for cloud computing with iCloud being a terminal or gateway to a variety of services that are available on its hardware devices and harnessed to the wireless connectivity stagecoach to provide services for iDevice and Mac users. Other than device converging, transfer and “locker” storage services ad a handful of exclusives, the cloud has little to do with anything else.

Apple iClouod for device converging

This cloud poses as the portal where the old adage of input, process and output goes with apps, music, media, documents, messages, images, data backup & restore, cloud computing settings, and automatic services. With Apple every consumer has his complete portal with features on his hands; the Mac, PC, iDevice etc, and the cloud is where he outs them to work.

From the user’s point of view Apple’s iCloud is where he can sync all his personal data and media various platforms to a personalized locker. After that that locker syncs all data on the web to the user’s devices, upgrades software and in short humans no longer have to take tiring care of their files and music libraries. At this point many might argue that personal privacy and security loopholes might be a possibility here. Even I think the latter might be addressed by hackers in the near future.

Devices as tools and iCloud as a gateway

And this is where Apple’s goes popular, for we feel that a device we own, online personal data backup and easy and swift control over it, is a more practical and user-friendly feature.

This difference of ideology may mean many things. Apple will remain popular with the mainstream market but will have to roll in continuous updates to keep the cloud attractive and Google’s cloud will always be the future and present necessary center of a computing universe.

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