WP7 Strategies are Improving

WP7 Strategies

Something is up with Microsoft these days and even consumers admit it. Recently the upshot about it was that consumers can now purchase a WP7 phone from Verizon, Sprint or T-mobile at a drop-dead rate of $0.01. Catch is that they will have to start a new plan. But setting the carrier issues aside there is a lot more that catches the eye of the user with WP7 than the market thinks. Smartphones available for sale are HTC Trophy (sprint), HTC Arrive (Sprint) and HTC HD 7 (T-Mobile). This offer is valid until the 2nd of July.

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WP7 is largely universal and although it has seen a drop in market share since last year. But this year not only it is an almost sole face in entertainment, gaming and desktop computing but also has a number of products all over the tech world that have garnered it a leading face in their respective sectors. Starting from its premium services we have plenty of software that not only appeals to most users but give Apple and other rivals a run for their money with its music integration, WP7 live tiles, better developer opportunities and the recent Mango WP7 upgrade. Mango has been evaluated to run on tablet platforms and judging by the results there was a possibility for green light.

Skype has also been purchased by Microsoft earlier this year and we all expect VoIP calling on WP7 systems soon. That only further increases the interest for WP7 gadgets.

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Judging on recent polls, customers have a greater inclination to grab WP7 phones and start utilizing them. They state that they have no worries with the platform itself and would “want” to use WP7 for its stellar UI. But since Apple is currently of a higher standard, WP7 needs to step up its game in some aspects; especially with Apps. We can expect better tablets, mango by September, and more WP7 phones on carriers by the last quarter of this year.

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Microsoft’s Expo E3 this year was drowned in the release of Apple’s prize hounds namely iCloud, iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion for the mobile race. But Orapa is going to be a worthwhile addition to Microsoft’s inventory of desktop computing, Kinect, Zune, Xbox LIVE and its host of other exclusive features.

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