Black & White Camera App – A Classic Add-on to Your iDevice

The latest iPhone and the iPod are bestowed with one admirable if not cool camera. It is loaded with some swell modes and effects. But it certainly is lacking something, don’t you think? Yes, a regal black and White camera. Zanura GP Inc. brings you this iPhone and iPod application as a throwback to the classic days of photography. What is better than having this iconic iDevice application as a unique taste of camera art for your iDevice?


What this iPhone camera app can do for you, is exciting. It provides a new mode of monochrome photography in sharp resolution, quality graphics and ancient style preservation of unique moments, not even time can bring again. It even lets you convert previously captured snapshots to the charming dual shade style.


This cam app for iPhone is compatible on the various iOSes including and following iOS 3.0; which are 4.0, 4.1 and onwards. This camera application for iPhone is available on iTunes that occupies an unbelievably meager space of 0.4 MB and prices off at a nearly free rate.

The full potential of modern Black and White photography is realized through this iPhone cam app, whereas, the present version (1.1) is exclusive for market research, as a better version is upcoming and upgrades are under way.


A different look: Some things shine ever so majestically, prominently or beautifully, when rendered through the Black and White touch. Be it family gatherings, scenery, memorable moments or festivals, with Black and White Camera app, photos will be held in a different light.

Diversifying Effects: The Black & White Camera photos contain a number of exclusive effects! Shadows, shapes, shades and deepness stand out in such photos. Black & White camera exposes the hidden effects in images.

Enhances Impact: The application is able to produce images that maximize feelings, emotions, ideas and expression! This application greatly enhances meaning of emotion expressing moments.


Texture & Depth: Conversion of previous pictures to Black & white brings out texture and depth in them. Light setting plays an important role that is highlighted magnificently through this classic resolution.

Advanced Tools: Advanced tools available on this iPhone camera app allow you to be creative with pictures, modify, manage and share them within your community spheres. Updates in regard to this section are incoming, so watch out for them!


Finally, this is an amazing add-on to your iDevice and maybe one of the best photo apps for iPhone, adding a classic experience to your new and old pictures. Don’t just stand there! Go for it, and trust me it won’t disappoint you.


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