eWonders – A Wonder-ful App

Believe it or not but there are more than the usual common seven wonders on this planet earth! So how about you stock that IQ of yours with our informative and smart new iPhone app of the world’s wonders. Te application eWonders is an a large almost unlimited list of the most world’s exquisite masterpieces and wonders known, discovered, ancient, strange, small, huge and many more whether created by man or nature. Each wonder is displayed along with its pictures, some videos, precise map location and a brief review for every wonder.


Now no longer are there only seven wonders but through eWonders you can explore virtually and discover a boundless compilation of wonders. Who knows there could be one in your area or somewhere you know.

Browsing for wonders on eWonders is easy where the app lists results according to dates, types and locations. For instance types are Middle Ages Wonders, Civil Engineering Wonders, Natural Wonders, Underwater wonders and so on. The other part of the app covers the local wonders.

eWonders classified by location and type

The application is furthermore compatible on your iPod touch. Without necessitating an internet connection one can access all the basic features but for full functionality one has to fire up the browser.

eWonders-description and name

eWonders - Citadel of cairo video

The application in addition provides simple yet powerfully user-friendly features such as the following;

  • Wonders are listed in 14 detailed sections
  • An overhead map shows the viewer the precise location and geo-statistics of each wonder’s location
  • Additionally you can enjoy sharing and spreading the wonder profile and information within social circles via Facebook and Text Messaging
  • The application is very affordable at $0.99
  • Boasts exceptional graphics and information quality
  • Bookmark current location and favorite wonders


If you have any project on global geography or are interested in such topics then eWonders is the best app for you at its price. Moreover it is a heaven-sent for those who have slimmer chances to travel and visit wonders and can instead virtually visit these awe-inspiring places.

The advantage of this application as an iPad app can already be felt from here. Enjoy crisp detail and faster browsing on the iPad with eWonders. Other options on eWonders are;

  • Displays exact location on Google Maps

    eWonders - Citadel of Cairo
  • Offers numerous zooming modes

This software application is an avant-garde product of Zanura GP Inc.

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