iPhone 4 Review

The official release of iPhone 4 on 15 June 2010 was among the most memorable events of this year. This iDevice innovation has been redesigned and is getting more and more popular among the users.

iPhone 4

What‘s New in iPhone 4
Most of the blogs giving iPhone 4 review have revealed that the sophisticated touch of the sleek design of iPhone 3g has remained untouched in this model except for the reduction of size due to the placement of an external antenna and the removal of corner bulges. Various interesting developments have been made to make the gadget incomparable in many senses, such as for iPhone 4 apps.

However, the theme of the product is same as other Apple ‘s products i.e., iPod, and Mac; providing solutions for listening to music, facilitating internet needs, along with the ability to communicate.

Key Features:

new iPhone 4

The unique value points which are offered in this product are:

Multi Touch Display – It enables users to access multiple functions at a time, with the help of its touch sensor screen. This screen is laminated on the glass surface and creates an electrical field receptive to finger tap.

Engineered Glass Surface – The glass used in the screen is the same, as used in helicopter and train technology; it is pressure sustainable and durable.

Retina Display – provides ability to see an image up to 326 pixels in an inch with its 960 x 640 pixels resolution.
Stainless Steel Band ensures durability for the placement of different parts and contributes towards its refined look also.

A4 processor – is power efficient and supports multitasking during video editing and face-time calls.

Gyroscopic screen – The 3D gyroscope is capable of sensing the altitude and rotation in any direction.

Accelerometer – The speed and direction of movement of the iPhone is sensed by this device. Both gyroscope and accelerometer act as motion detectors, in combination, when shook, vibrated or accelerated along any of the 6 axes.

Camera with LED – The camera is 5 mega-pixels with HD video recording and other features. It is also equipped with LED, which adjusts light to get maximum resolution during low light availability. The LED serves to light up picture as a built-in flash and to illuminate scenes in video recordings.

Microphone & Speaker – Two microphones, with one fulfilling the purpose of phone calls, voice commands and memos is at the bottom. The other one, on the other hand, is at for better functioning of face-time calls. Both the microphones maximize quality of chat while minimizing distractions.

According to various iPhone 4 reviews, though the white one is not available as yet, this new iPhone does have remarkable features as compared to the previous iPhone 3G. The cover protects edges; a bumper is provided to prevent the edges from damage along with this iPhone.

Like most of the iDevices, the iPhone 4 also provides iphone games option at its Game Center. Several other applications can be downloaded by going to www.zanura.com. This website offers iPhone 4 apps with great diversity.

iPhone 4 sleek design

Being a new product, it’s still in the hands of customers who are analyzing it for any lapses and disadvantages. Among many who claim to be the first one to blog about iPhone, some rank it as “one of the best smart phones in the market right now” while others are found complaining about few imperfections. Yet, it is one of the most detailed and sophisticated smart phone technologies available to date.

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