Top 5 iPhone Multiplayer Games

Using an iPhone is a breeze and very enjoyable too. Being an avid gamer I have never failed to run out of games on my iPhone – thanks to iTunes’ huge inventory. Multiplayer games offer a change from the slightly boring single player versions. On the iPhone even multiplayer is addictive. Below is my personal list of favorite iPhone multiplayer games

Super Stickman Golf for $1.99

Super Stickman Golf

This physics-oriented gameplay of addictive golf multiplayer is called Super Stickman Golf. With side scrolling courses players can choose their Stickman’s power and angle of the shot. Getting holes aren’t easy, though. There are obstacles, hazards, pits, floating platforms and a host of other difficulties. The physics-engineered fun is greatly simulated.  It gets even better with three players on the golf course doing their shots in turns.

Infinity Blade for $5.99

Infinity Blade

Science fictional fantasy has always been a favorite of mine. Now I can carry it around with me in my pocket. Infinity Blade is a near 3D fighting game that just recently got ported with a multiplayer play mode. Infinity Blade features nerve cracking one-on-one sword-fighting gladiator rounds in simulated environments. The protagonist warrior is one player whilst opponents take the role of a titanic humanoid and controlling its speed, and strength making even those experienced on the single player version confused at the cleverly utilized brute strength of the opponent. It is one of the premium fighting games out there; do check it out!

Archetype for $0.99


For all those H.A.L.O crazed ones out there (like me!), if you are looking for a fast paced First-person shooter genre game then pick Archetype for premium FPS entertainment. Like its single player N.O.V.A counterpart, Archetype is oppositely an online-only, 10 player supportable game that is playable on Wi-Fi or a 3G connection in team-match and free-for-all action. There are 13 different multiplayer maps and 20 levels, a complete armory of weapons to use and complete Game Center support with leader boards. If there is any more you need…..?

Real Racing 2 for $6.99

Real Racing 2

Taking the Apple iDevice – especially the iPad – gaming market by storm was Real Racing 1 that was followed by Real Racing HD 2. Its heavy duty graphics engine allows for the full capability of the iPad’s screen and processor to come out in beautifully simulated racing game play. Apart from single-player mode the game also runs an online multiplayer mode with 16-player races allowed and 3D tracks. This is one of the largest games available on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Races take place over a local Wi-Fi connection. Real Racing 2 gives players an option to pick from 30 cars and a choice of 15 tracks for single and multiplayer mode.

Gun Bros for Free

Gun Bros

Gun Bros is one of the best sandbox-style, defense shooter among the many available for iDevices. This game is however tweaked in a better way. There are not one but two standing defense fighters in the fray. For the multiplayer version two players can utilize numerous different guns to gun down hordes of enemies that will rush them. The aim of the game is to hold out as long as possible against the invaders, unlocking more weapons and upgrades for both fighters, based on money earned and via in-app purchases. Gun Bros free, a whole lot of simple boring afternoon fun to be played between any two iDevices and a heart-warming concept of a friend who always has your back!

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