Android Down Amazon’s Scope: A Better App Store?

Most of you might not have known, but Amazon has come on board with its own Android App store as well. Well, we mean to say that apart from Android Market, Motorola Mobility had intended an exclusive app store as well and now Amazon has its own virtual entity for Android. So, as to say the Amazon App store was nothing short of impressive.

To begin with, you have to simply open up the interface and view free app of the day. Smooth download, good functionality, authentic software; and that was only an appetizer. Through the website, you can simply add the item or app onto your account and afterwards download it via the App store on your device. No longer do you have to go through the QR code scan. Now, you can get Android apps on your computer through a single click. Afterwards, it will be waiting for you on your Android device with the install option via Android app store.

When speaking of the functionality and compatibility, there is a Test Drive feature on Amazon’s App store, with which, you can interact in real time with an app simulator to give it a trial run. This feature is still sparsely populated, but Amazon will see to it that it gets more apps.

Knowing Amazon’s ecosystem and popularity, the name alone would be enough to drive Android users to a new experience through this app store.


Have you used the Amazon app store? Do you intend to use it? Tell us your views and reasons for doing so.

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