Android Exceeds Apple in Free App Count

Andorid market

Young and ambitious; the two words that describe Apple’s biggest rival on the market. Android scored many a shot against Apple and won such as number of smartphones in the market, carrier availability and recently trumped Apple in the most market share. But until now Apple remained top dog with its locked ecosystem of apps and third party certified support and between platforms. But a recent analysis proves that the Android Market apart from gaining on fast with iTunes is also now ahead of Apple in the most number of free apps available for download. That and the fact that now all nearly all carriers including AT&T allows for Android App store purchases and downloads for subsidized handsets just raised Android another notch over Apple.

Android stocks 134,342 free applications alone for download, while Apple’s App Store has 121,845 free apps. Paid application son the other hand that remain are a third of what there is on iTunes. This suits many customers who prefer lite versions and free software. ITunes has a total of more than 250,000 apps for iPhone but its growth rate was registered the lowest for 2011.

The iPad and iPad 2 crown the tablet empire with no chance of any other rival getting near them. The apps store gained 12% more apps to its 75,000+ number of apps for iPad.

Android Market at the current rate will grow greater in size than all other app stores by order of iTunes, Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, BlackBerry App World and Nokia Ovi Store.

Android market exceeds itunes

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