Android@Home: A Wave of the Future!


At the Google I/O the tech giant rewarded us all with another introduction of innovation;  Android@Home framework. Saving you all the straight-out-of-the-movies concept, the framework is a system of controls, protocols and network to control all your home appliances, lighting, sound systems, electrical functions, wirelessly connected alarm clocks, bells, computers, refrigerators, and various other appliances through any Android device and Android OS.

The ambitious plan is to turn one’s home into a single connected device through the Android platform. The ingenious idea was run on a trial basis at the Google I/O in San Francisco, where an Android tablet was utilized to control the stage lights. Android@Home also aims on connecting via other means from the Wi-Fi.

Android@Home tablet control panel

At that event Google also displayed a new form of Android device; a home cinema system titled; Project Tungsten. Several speakers were connected to an Android OS tablet, and various functions were enacted on set. Other things displayed were CD identifying RFID feature, special lamps for lighting, sound system controllers and other accessories. But these won’t be available until next year. Developers are currently constructing a support ecosystem of Android apps for the interface.

Although it might seem attractive to some people to increase compatibility and connectivity for households, some still have doubts about giving personal household control and data access to a large company through Android@Home. What are your thoughts about Android@Home, do share it with us!

Android@Home household control

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