Android’s Possible Tablet Success

Android tablets

Android had a different stance from Apple since day one and despite having lost market share it clung to its guns and kept on churning out products on the same strategy for the market. Like its Google Chromebook, Google is more into the customer’s needs rather than constructing a premium platform that specifies the consumer’s needs.

Similar is the case with the tablet industry. Google lags far behind Apple today but there is greater fluctuations in the consumer popularity of Android tablets than there is with Apple’s. Not that the iPad and iPad 2 are useless devices. They just happen to be non-appliances (a toy for some users!) instead of multi-purpose functional portable computing platforms. Google’s devices open gates of opportunity for open sourced yet less-than-safe gaming, business, home, utility and entertainment on its gadgets and their systems.

Most consumers argue that the risks of open source is mostly exaggerated and apart from a bug or two with a couple of malware thrown in, Android is a worthwhile system. Android tablets are optimized to run on Honeycomb 3.0 OS which is among the latest OSs for Android tablets. That plus the fact that Android gadgets are way more numerous and cheaper than Apple’s, makes it a more attractive option to a larger fraction of the market.

Android platform functions

For instance, if there are educational tablets to be bought in bulk for a school it is much cheaper to choose from the plethora of inexpensive Android devices to get the job done. Another thing is the commonness and size of Google’s services’ coverage. Google maps, search engine, Google cloud, its recent Android@home release are all characteristically featured, largely available and have easy compatibility between different  systems.

And lastly it is all about the price. Consumers don’t have to look far than the price tag in order to make up most of their mind. After all even if Apple becomes the standard by which all introductions in the market are matched against in order to be retailed Android can still get the upper edge by playing the price card.

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