Apple’s iCloud Running on Windows Azure Network?

Apple iCloud on Windows Azure and Amzon Web

To put it straight and blunt, Apple is a client of Windows Azure cloud network and other servers as it lacks its own server infrastructure.

The last sentence thrown at Apple was somewhat shocking but I had my doubts about eh Cupertino Company in the first place and upon doing some research confirmed my suspicions.

The website “Infinite Apple” along with some other sites after analyzing the HTTP traffic and pinged servers for the iCloud iMessage service discovered that Apple was using not only Windows Azure systems and services but also Amazon Web Services for hosting its cloud service.

The test-run uncovered that send a kind of authentication to a address, and then pings iCloud with a confirmation message right after. Image downloads source form an address.

Apple according to the site dos not store content. I would like to think that Apple is currently only managing content which is quite easy. But as a note of irony for iCloud users; whatever cloud speed, smoothness and good storage services you are getting are not of Apple’s but of Microsoft’s innovation.

Apple’s iCloud is still in its premature BETA stages and it is more likely that Apple would be using that its new $1 billion Maiden, California data center or its $500 million North Carolina data center. The latter datacenter is running a combination of Mac OS X, IBM/AIX, Sun/Solaris and Linux systems.

Windows Azure on iPhone

Lastly I would like to add that what shocked me about this news is that the combination of Apple’s iOS 5 near rip-off, its delay in releasing iPad 3 and iPhone 5, its loss of market share, its iCloud lawsuit and Samsung lawsuit and lastly this, has got me questioning its caliber. Secondly it seems almost unethical to contend with a company, hide from consumers its intentions with that same company and also not crediting it with anything when using it. Even though if the third party support is temporary, it seems to me that Apple always has its way despite the fact it is audaciously competing in an international campaign.

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