Apple’s Time Bomb – Second Generation iPad


Apple iPad Killers and a landscape of competitive Windows, RIM, and HP tablets may have undermined the chances of Apple iPad’s survival in this revolutionary world of new evolving giants in the tablet computing age. Cool and showy models, such as the Motorola Xoom, first viewed at the CES this year, and T-Mobile G-Slate were indeed  iPad killers with healthy features, heavy hardware specifications and the legendary Android Honeycomb OS 3.0.

What with the poor iPad then? As previously mentioned in our articles; the iPad remained strong despite the bevy of Android tablets masquerading in competition. The trick to Apple’s great success is simple, yet Android may steal the show, but Apple would remain in control. Follow on and find out how Apple can manage to cling on to the lifeline despite all the odds.

Firstly, there is Apple’s production line and flow of business. By keeping and maintaining the steady flow of products and the “loyalty” of carriers at a price unbeknownst to the Android rivals. Being in the business since long has set the oils of Apple machine in smooth and steady progress. True Apple has lost a major bite from its combined Android Apple Market Share, which is more defined. Now Verizon has its iPhone 4 along with the rest of Droid family.


Mind the price tag; yes the iPad is way cheaper than even the Samsung Galaxy tab, which slid out of the limelight once the state-of-the-art newcomers of 2011 came through. With three options and in proportion to the extravagant standards set by Android, it is more than enough.

Last but not the least Apple has tactically timed the debut of iPad 2.0 right after the exorbitant success of its Android antagonists. Even better, it has rather high-probability of confirming all rumors of dual cameras, increased capacity, faster processors, and improved compatibility on iOS 4.3. Apple had bid its time to stub Android after it has come so far down the road to stability and success to again renew popularity to the first ever revolutionary tablet.

Will Apple again trounce Android? What follows on is completely cryptic and if anyone has an idea to share, do not hesitate on enlightening us all!


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