Apple iDevices on Board With New iOS 4.3.2

Apple has launched earlier this week its upgrade for the latest version of its singular iDevice OS; iOS 4.0. Apple iOS 4.3.2 comes with various fixtures for previous bugs that disrupted smooth workflow of apps and performance on the interface. According to tech sources, the new upgrade fixes blank or hung video screen on FaceTime video calls. Moreover, it fixes the issues that the iPad has with international 3G services. Plus, all the rest of the bugs, which are fixed, there are added tweaks and upgrades to the interface and the security system.


Apple had last year released two consecutive versions of iOS and this immense leap was destined to facedown the competitors and in the process, the hasty releases came laden with bugs. Until Apple had set things right in 2011, the iOS was breakable and even iTunes 9.0 was worse than its predecessor. But after Verizon iPhone 4 and iPad 2, the sudden boil up in iOS simmered down and matters were smoothed out a bit on the touch screens.

The new update is available by syncing through iTunes. There are also some direct links to download the updates, but it depends on what you see comfortable. Furthermore, there is an additional update for Verizon iPhone users where version iOS 4.2.7., the new update allows for software upgrades flawlessly. Version 4.2.7 is available for iPad and iPhone as well. Downloads are faster and the experience taken a step ahead. Apple is continually changing, and there is more to expect!


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