Apple Invites Australian Journalists to Cover WWDC Event

Aple WWDC 2011

It seems like Apple did get stung by Android surging past it in international iPhone Android market share. Apple has taken up countermeasure by the looks of it. The upcoming WWDC 2011 event will have Australian and other international journalists. This move was undertaken by Apple along with another where Apple’s iPhone PR team approached British journalists to cover the San Francisco WWDC.

Australian journalists will drop by on the 6th of June which happens to be the first day of the WWDC. Hope Apple gets through with the English!

It is more of a tradition to invite journalists at the WWDC, but Apple kept real mum this year. The WWDC keynote will take place as usual at 10am Pacific time at the aforementioned date. As Steve Jobs is absent on medical leave hence someone else will be taking the position of keynote speaker.

Mac OS X Lion

Apple will be talking about the future of iOS and Mac OS X so expect talk about iOS 5 and Mac OS X lion. Rumors of the music cloud service could also be discussed there. I thought we could go deeper on the iPhone 5 – or iPhone 4s.

iOS 5 future

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