Apple iOS 5 Influences the Mobile Industry

Apple iOS 5 afects mobile industry

The iOS 5 overhauls the iOS 4 with 200 features to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It might have been a game of catch up with Google Android, the latter of which is in Alpha position over the mobile market, iOS has finally released an acceptable version of the OS for consumers. This only makes it a bigger float in the waters of the mobile industry. So here is the number of elements affected by the waves instigated when the iOS bomb was dropped.

BlackBerry Messenger

blackberry messenger

BBM or BlackBerry Messenger is among the premium features loaded onto BlackBerry devices. It is a social service exclusive for BlackBerry users allowing them free text messaging outside the carrier plan between all members of the BlackBerry family. RIM speaks and means The Enterprise and most of its features are for corporate or related purposes. Apple has taken over with RIM’s declining popularity and launched a very similar platform for intra system texting called iMessage allowing that social service between all iPhones, iPods, and iPads. In addition to that it has more potential than RIM due to it wide user presence very adequate universally popular iDevices to go along with it.


Android Handsets

Android is the muscle of the mobile industry. It has by far the most number of mobile devices, provider companies, carrier support, availability, market share and OS popularity in the mobile market. But now iOS 5 has entered there will be troubled waters and Android will have to catch up fast with smarter features. Android may contain much but there is way less social, software third-party support, application, no social gaming service and little exclusively-Android-family-network features on it than there is on Apple. And leave the open sourced versus locked ecosystem out of this! Apple may have taken a leaf out of Android’s book but colored it up in a way that I am forced to give it to the former.


Native iOS 5 apps

Apple went en solitario with the new iOS 5 and left behind a large fraction of the developers on board disappointed. Apple’s updates have created new prospects for native iOS 5 utility apps with similar purposes that many developers have been cold-shouldered overboard by these new apps that permit same functionality. Some of the apps like Instapaper, Wunderlist, Arment and many others are popular third party products that have been drowned by the new wave.

Carrier services

Free messaging

Skype, iMessage and other similar freebie out-of-the-plan features have also directed change in carrier services all around. People will no longer need a heavy SMS plan upon the arrival of iOS 5. That and the fact that iOS users occupy second place in the market share will prove that texting from the SMS package is pointless for a large number of contacts if provided.

User base

It might be hard to accept but people wanting a change from features they already have or want to have do not believe in software updates since it is reality on iOS 5. Switching would be the only venue for them and hence Apple piles up the Pocker chips (customers)!

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