Apple iPhone’s Major Shortcomings

Apple iPhone fail

The iPhone may be the near-universal face to the term Smartphones but despite its huge popularity and so-and-so specs, there are its shortcomings which miserably undermine its functionality and user friendliness. Below is a list of some of the major fails of the new iPhone 4.

Battery longevity

Battery life is simply disappointing on the iPhone. All the utilities and services running in one time that require hectic manual toggling eat away battery life like anything. And also if the iPhone was to be released for heavy tasks such as 3D gaming, high res video playback and such then the developers should have thought of stickin’ in a worthy and supportable power store.

Battery juice finished


The iPhone iOS 4.0 excels at bullying Android 2.2 but its push notifications system is mediocre than the latter. Data transfer can be pushed automatically even when the said app isn’t functioning on iOS.

A more worthy option would be a localized area where records and logs of packet data and notifications can be kept. Moreover they should be reorganized for the fact that apps utilize it too.

Better data organization

Folder organization and grouping although barely solved by iOS 4.3 was a frustration and should have been on iPhone since day one. For once I even thought that the iPhone was supposed to be a simple PDA for app access and would not be concerned with transferring, storing or reading data.

Buried settings

Settings are annoyingly located somewhere in the bowels of the OS and iPhone’s fortified UI does not allow one to customize it with desktop widgets or shortcuts.

App Updates

App updates are frequent on the iPhone through the App store. And no matter how small the App is, the update and developer platform has to push in a total wave of several megabytes for a minor update. Bandwidth is being wasted here and Apple ought to do something about the support ecosystem than keep expanding it.

leaving iPhone Fortified ecosystem

I feel that Apple fan-boys can rant about top user functionality and UI compatibility on Apple but the company itself has to do some serious strategic rethinking. If locked OS means someone can place a limited compatibility and its disadvantages cannot be tweaked, then I would gladly go open source!

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