Apple Pushing iPod Nano Upgrades

iPod nano 6th gen

Apple has been rumored of upgrading the updated iPod nano to be able to support cameras. OK before I ask why does there have to be a camera in nearly everything we use these days, I have to disappointed by the fact that Apple left out several key features to make way for the sensor which in my opinion I useless – for the time being.

The sixth gen, new iPod touch nano will lose;

  • Video recording and Playback
  • Widescreen display

iPod nano back clip

But it will gain:

  • Slimmer shape and curved edges
  • Multitouch screen
  • Home screen with iOS-similar UI
  • Simple back clip

iPod nano leaked pic with camera

My first thoughts on the functions of the nano was that it would be a better device for running, workouts and stay as the portable media player  it was and is! But Apple decided to change it into a portable camera of some sorts. My nano could have been used as a watch (a version called LunaTik already exists), a car media player adapter, a memory stick or maybe a wireless media player, welcome to the micro-tech age!

iPod nano wireless earbuds

Below is a list of 5 things the new nano must be equipped with;

  1. Bluetooth for wireless VoIP and wireless headset support!
  2. Simple app support and clock screensaver for exercise timers, alarm clocks and such
  3. Motion charged battery; will be ‘Legendary’.
  4. More memory space; can do with extra room
  5. Torch, recorder and microUSB port are some must-haves

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