Apple will Launch Ipad HD instead of Ipad3

According to the latest rumors about the launch of Ipad3, apple will launch ipad HD instead of Ipad3 and it will be happening in the fall. This will be a new entry in the ipad series. The ipad HD, which should not be confused with the ipad 3, it will come with a double resolution screen (2048 x 1536), and be targeted toward a specific high end market.

Ipad HD

Well, according to the reports the idea would be to create a “Pro” version, like the MacBook Pro vs. the MacBook. At the same time, the company will reportedly release a version of Final Cut or some other type of video / photo production app.

There is also a report stating that the iPhone 5 will indeed come with some serious changes, but that the rumors about an iPhone 4S reached a din because Apple was stuffing the iPhone 5 innards into an iPhone 4 case to hide it. No one is sure about that, as Apple has done this before, so nothing is new here. In fact, if you remember last year’s “lost iPhone 4″ will recall it was stuck inside an iPhone 3GS case.

Iphone 5

Every day there is a new rumor about the next iPhone or iPad in the market and as soon as it is released, there will be new rumors about the next version. Then again, that has already started.

Let me share all the rumors about iPhone / ipad rumors for 2011 here:

  • iPhone 4S, not iPhone 5: minimally redesigned next-gen iPhone; faster CPU and iOS 5 to propel sales
  • iPhone 5: yes, it is radically redesigned
  • Either: full side-to-side screen with minimal bezel to increase screen size without increasing device size
  • Both iPhone 4S and iPhone 5: Apple to introduce both a new iPhone 5 and a lower-cost, pre-paid iPhone 4S version
  • ipad 3: the real upgrade from the ipad, coming in September or October
  • ipad 2 plus: minimally upgraded, meant to distract from Android tablets during the holiday season
  • ipad HD: the latest rumor


However, the only guy who knows the truth about the release is Steve Jobs himself. Rumors are not true all the time. There is one thing which is sure that the next-generation iPhone will not launch until iOS 5 is ready.

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