Apple’s iOS 5 – Real Innovation or a Borrowed one?

Apple iOS 5

Apple unveiled the remarkable iOS 5 just yesterday and after giving it a run for its features I came to the conclusion that Apple had nothing to do with the software except for borrowing the concept from Android, Microsoft, RIM, Symbian and Zune to redesign it anew. Tweaking the software does not give Apple credibility for most of the amazing features there is on the ecosystem. True I cannot get third party app-support on Android as well as can get premium and unobstructed services as I can get on iOS but I am not only disappointed by the fact that Apple had nothing new but also because it named a brand new version of OS by doing what others have already done. Is this becoming more of an I-am-better-than-you fight rather than providing customers with the best and latest in technology?


Pop-down notification system

The new notification system might be new on Apple but it was one of the many things that differentiated Android devices with better functionality such as their dropdown bar notification system which is now also running on Apple except for the fact it is not drop down. Heck! Who cares?

Over-the-air/OTA software updates

Symbian had this feature from creation day and Android is also running it now. Making space-consuming sync updates non-existent on these devices. Not anymore, for Apple has joined the club and shows off OTA on iOS 5 with self-proclaimed swag.

Camera mode on lock screen

WP7 does boast a really cool feature of camera photo capture with the external shutter button by launching the camera app and even sharing them immediately onto Facebook straight from the lock screen! WP7 however failed to decently capture this feature’s potential by not developing a smart camera app. Golden opportunity for Apple you see!

Out of carrier inter system messaging


Blackberry is a gift to the enterprise and Blackberry used to have the largest enterprise market base for its premium services and corporate concept devices. In fact in most businesses allow only RIM Blackberry software and hardware within office systems. Similar system to system messaging and conversing named BBM or Blackberry Messenger is a Blackberry-to-Blackberry messaging system that Apple has decided to bring to the entire iOS family namely iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iMessage. Now all iOS to iOS messaging is free.

Wireless media syncing

Zune on its Zune HD device allows users to sync media content wirelessly since some time now. This feature might be unknown to many people and Apple has set out to make sure it is now available to most of the market on iDevices.

Apple has in short taken a lot of features needing polishing from others, fine-tuned them and integrating them into a single platform. If I am asking my smartphone provider with an update for its features I wanted it on my handset not on an iDevice. Do consumers have to leave Android, Blackberry, WP7 or Nokia in order to get their wanted software adjustments? Gimme a break!

It only proves my point that the Apple is focusing on retaking its lost iPhone market share from Android and providing consumers with worthy code-of-Apple and premium grade devices is only second priority!

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