AT&T Allows App Support for Android Handsets

AT&T Android Phones

AT&T finally opened its eyes to the fact that Android App support is essential for Smartphones to unleash their functionality – Duh! It has changed its no-third-party-app-support policy on all Android Handsets to allowing app downloads on all Android phones.

This feature gives users the ability, to download and utilize apps beyond those of AT&T’s store. AT&T stated that from its inventory all Android phones are no longer subject to be first-party and third party apps blockade. The confirmation is issued a day after the carrier starts to land updates for the HTC Inspire 4G,  Samsung Captivate and Motorola Atrix. The Infuse 4G will ship originally without any lock on its app accessibility.

Sasmung Infuse 4G

This move will have its various circumstances and results no doubt. The introduction firstly gives AT&T Android users greater access and maybe secure more contracts once the present tenure is over. However, a bigger reason is that the carrier will finally bring about the prime Android experience of having the complete open sourced phone. Upcoming March will see all Android Users with Amazon Appstore access. In the near future all Android devices will provide subscribers with the option to manage their settings for accessing content of third party Appstores.

Moreover this move might draw more support from the niche market favoring AT&T in its battle against version wireless. Previously AT&T purchased T-Mobile and also battled on the iPad turf.

AT&T vs. Verizon

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