GreenPois0n Finally Releases the Much Waited Untethered Jailbreak for 4.2.1


iPhone fan clubs are jubilant on the release of this nifty piece of work by Chronic Dev Team. It would give a sigh of relief for all those who have desired for long to get rid of tethered jailbreak from their iDevice, running on iOS 4.2.1.

Intro – GreenPois0n

Chronic Dev Team has been working on the latest version of GreenPois0n since a while. They have already developed significant utilities for previous iOS 3 and iOS 4 versions. This has been the latest, though more coverage is expected, with time. Now, what this jailbreak utility offers is smooth untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1.


The process is simple; a single reboot is enough to get it keep going. To the surprise of customers, a customized logo for Greenpois0n RC5 has been introduced. This brand new custom boot logo is very catchy, consisting of a GP Skull. Video showing the jailbroken iPhone using this utility can be seen with an animated boot logo, by Justin Williams of the Chronic Dev Team


Apparently, the jailbreak is free of glitches, but a limited reporting is allowed, so any Initializing errors should be removed through a hard re-boot. Holding the power button and starting in DFU mode to run GreenPois0n is recommended till the code is seen running down the screen.

Good News For Users

This is good news for the users, who want to break free from the AppStore and explore more for their iPhone 4. Also it’s exceptionally exciting for gamers and gadget-boys out there who want to get more free apps for their iOS 4.2.1 running devices.

Good News for Developers

For developers, it adds up in the hour of delight, as they no more have to wait for AppStore approval so desperately for their iPhone apps and iPad applications to reach for the customers. They can easily market their applications to this new and free user-base.

All in all, this release is the hottest buzz in the air for iOS 4 users and developers that the much waited GreenPois0n Untethered Jailbreak for 4.2.1 is out now!

Finally, more iPhone downloads would now be available, with more iPhone apps and games. You can join in the fun until the new iPhone OS download is released.


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